Cheese dairy

Where quality products come into being

To guarantee the consistently high quality of our cheese varieties, all work steps are carried out under strong biological standards. Therefore, we lay the foundation of the end product already at the order of the meadow.  The health of our animals is very important to us; from spring to autumn, goats, cows and sheep’s enjoy their run in natural surroundings. The row milk is manufactured into different cheese varieties, which is not only a pleasure for the eye, but a great experience particularly for the palate.

  • Freibrunn – semi-hard cheese made of 100% cow row milk
  • Bergnelke – semi-hard cheese made of 80% cow, and 20% goat row milk
  • Bärenbart – semi-hard cheese made of 100% goat row milk
  • Schafkopf – semi-hard cheese made of 100% sheep row milk